futon revolutionist (risingbusfare) wrote in adriantomine,
futon revolutionist

so I'm kind of a budding cartoonist, it's the goal I've been working towards since I was maybe ten years old. I've studied fine art for about six years, i gave that up at around 16 when i kind of got bored of it. being kind of too distracted by friends and girls and all those sorts of things. I really like Tomine's work, but I don't know wether or not tomine's work is so deeply rooted in my psyche that I draw like him subconsciously or wether I draw like him out of coincidence, cause i recently discovered we both use brush for figures and pigment liners for backgrounds, and that kind of weirded me out. or maybe i dont even draw like him at all and i'm just seeing things! anyway i could go on and on, but ultimately i figure you guys. you. the tomine fans. could be the judge, here's a page out of my sketchbook http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-11/1110712/DSC01680.JPG I hope that link works, i'm such an internet illerate. i had enough trouble uploading that as it is.
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i can see similarities, but everyone reflects their influences when they're still "budding," so don't be too hard on yourself about it. i really really enjoy that picture. do you have more?
i don't have very many, my computer is down, and i'm forced on my mothers laptop.
these are weird experiments i was doing cause i really like 'buddhist splash painting' so i wanted to mix that into what i do, kind of like 'andy lee' they didn't turn out so great and i felt drawings in comics shoudl be clean cause i noticed how much i hated cartoonists who weren't.
they're easier on eye, so i quit doing any drawings in that kind of sloppy loose style.
anyway enough excuses.
I also see some similarities. I think it's kind of hard to develop one's own style since I'm also trying to start work on some comics (for the billionth time - could never follow through all the way or draw characters consistently)...but I guess that if you look through pretty much any artist's work over the years, there's a gradual but definite change. In any case, I totally dig those drawings.
I can't either, i really hate it. right now i'm writing or rather.. trying to write a story and i think i'm getting somewhere for once. but i alwasy feel that way..
that's true, like with calvin and hobbes you look at the ones from 1988 and compare them to the '93 strips and it looks like they got more refined in some weird way.
can i see some of you drawings?
Don't read comics for a while. Just read books (without pictures) and write and draw what comes to you. It'll help break you of influences in a jiffy.