futon revolutionist (risingbusfare) wrote in adriantomine,
futon revolutionist

so I'm kind of a budding cartoonist, it's the goal I've been working towards since I was maybe ten years old. I've studied fine art for about six years, i gave that up at around 16 when i kind of got bored of it. being kind of too distracted by friends and girls and all those sorts of things. I really like Tomine's work, but I don't know wether or not tomine's work is so deeply rooted in my psyche that I draw like him subconsciously or wether I draw like him out of coincidence, cause i recently discovered we both use brush for figures and pigment liners for backgrounds, and that kind of weirded me out. or maybe i dont even draw like him at all and i'm just seeing things! anyway i could go on and on, but ultimately i figure you guys. you. the tomine fans. could be the judge, here's a page out of my sketchbook http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-11/1110712/DSC01680.JPG I hope that link works, i'm such an internet illerate. i had enough trouble uploading that as it is.
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